Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kleinert's was happy to hear as many of you were that Disney was acquiring Lucas Films. For us that means that two great customers are joining forces and even more characters will be wearing Kleinert's protective shields for their costumes. We already serve Disney characters and have for many years so May the Force Be With You as Kleinert's Shields Will Protect You!

Happy Halloween From Kleinert's

What a relief to focus on fun after these past few days. As kids and adults dress up wearing their costumes please remember to be safe but also to wear Kleinert's shields to protect those valuable costumes which need extra protection from excessive sweat wet-through, staining and odors. After hours of trick-r-treating sweat can become a problem so you will need the security that our underarm pads and washable dress shields can provide. Professionals do so you may want to as well.
Here is a link to our disposable dress shields page for your convenience:

Broadway Trying To Reopen

It seems that Sandy's winds and rain won't stop the determination of Broadway. Located in mid-town the Broadway shows are just north of 33rd street where the electricity is still out. Everyone is anxious to get back to work performing. We hope the great white way makes a speedy recovery and the light shine brighter than ever on the Broadway!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Go Away Sandy!

Our hearts go out to all those who suffered from the turbulence caused by hurricane Sandy over the past week from Florida to Maine to Illinois. We appreciate that our factory was unscathed by the storm and that we continue to serve people around the world. Today we just received orders from Yonkers NY and West Point, NY so we were delighted to see people online and searching for our products. We wish all who read this blog the tranquility you deserve and please stay safe.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

American Idol Admits To Sweating Issues

While waiting to hear what the judges had to say about his performance, Heejun and Ryan Seacrest sat down to chat. Ryan’s question to Heejun, “What are you sweating?” to which Heejun answered truthfully, “mostly water.” Viewers loved the obvious answer that most people would overlook as a possible retort.
Maybe he should consider using the Kleinert's Sweat Shield Clinical Antiperspirant Wet-Wipes which will stop even facial sweating from 2-5 days.

Here is a link to Sweat Shield Antiperspirant:

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Performance Polos Have Sweat Pads Sewn-In

Kleinert's performance polo shirts for men and women are always great for weekend wear but did you know that Kleinert's hand sews into each polo a protective absorbent set of underarm shields to prevent embarassing sweat stains and odors. Now you can feel confident round the clock and even in social situations.

Here is the link to our performance polos:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sweating The Presidential Debates-Kleinert's Could Help with Sweat Shields

Keeping calm and dry is even a problem with our presidential candidates. Surely Kleinert's Sweat Shield antiperspirant could be of value to protect from this excessive sweating and thereby avoiding the "stressed out" look. Here is a link to our protective Sweat Shield convenient wet-wipes.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Phantom of the Opara Wears Kleinert's Shields

While capivated by the lure of the Phantom please note that the cast is always protected because they wear Kleinert's se-in washable underarm shields to protect them from unsightly wet-through and satining of their expensive costumes. Many stage productions on Broadway use the Kleinert's shields to protect from excessive perspiration this extending the useful life of their expensive hand made costumes.

Here is a link to our washable style #670 shields:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dancing With The Stars and Kleinert's Shields

Now Dancing With The Stars is a Kleinert's customer! Not a suprise that they are trying to protect their starts from unsightly sweat stains and wet-through. They purchased the style 672 washable dress shields with its waterproof vinyl barrier. These crescent shaped shields will be sewn into the costumes for their performers.We welcome them to our "great customers list" and enjoy the show.
Here is a link to our crescent shields purchased:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crystal Deodorants For 100% Natural Scent

We are proud to offer Crystal Deodorants as an additional line for odor prevention caused by excessive perspiration. Crystal products effectively prevent odors by inhibiting bacterial growth which causes the smells. Crystal has a reputation for making salt based products that work. Here is a link to our Crystal products:,,

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Absorbent Shoe Insert Stop Squishy Feet

Why be embarrassed from noisy squishy feet caused by foot sweating? The solution is Dry Soles by kleinert's. Our cut patterns allow for all sizes for men and women.Simply cut and then attach to the inside of your shoes and you have protection lasting about a month or longer. Each Dry Sole has an adhesive which provides constact contact and placement inside your shoes. These are also available in white, beige or black. Here is a link for your convenience:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Work Shirts For Men & Women With Protective Underarm Shields

Kleinert's produces work shirts with its protective underarm shields sewn in for men and women. We offer many styles and colors so that you can vary your looks yet be protected from those unsightly wet marks, stains and odors caused by excessive underarm sweating or auxillary hyperhidrosis. Into each shirt we sew a waterproof 6" x 9" multi-layer fluidproof shield which discreetly provides all the protection you need. Here is a link to our mens and womens work shirts;

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cheerleaders Wear Kleinert's Underarm Shields

As you're cheering for your favorite team consider that under those cheering uniforms are Kleinert's disposable underarm shields protecting them from sweat wet-thru, staining and odors. We regularly get orders from cheerleading coaches for our protective pads. Even under those sheer uniforms Kleinert's sweat pads are working to instill confidence and not restrict performance. Here is a link to our disposable underarm pads;