Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Try a free foil pack sample (1 pack) of our great, new Sweat Shield Ultra style SSU01.It is our advanced clinical antiperspirant product for any part of the body in the form of an enlarged 4" x 4" wet-wipe towlelette.This is outstanding for stopping sweat on your scalp. face, underarms, torso, groin, legs, or feet.
This will block your pores (in the area applied) from sweating from 2-7 days. This advanced and effective product features an enlarged wipe with an FDA maximum strength formulae (15% aluminum chloride) and extra aloes for no irritation anytime.
So why sweat it! Relax and get back into life now.Just ask for the Sweat Shield Ultra with style number SSU10 our 10 count box for only $16.99.This represents over a 2 1/2 months supply.Compare to Sweat Block which only has 14% formula and is 10% more expensive with a smaller towelette.

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