Monday, August 19, 2013


Finally a solution for any body area including your scalp, your face, your  underarms, chest or back, groin, butt and feet! Only Dry Body All-In-One is the answer. This liquified wet wipe contains a special formulated solution of 15% aluminum chloride and many added aloes and vitamin E for a soothing result.

We are getting terrific response to our launch as it offers an advancement over Sweat Block and all other commercial products.
5.0 out of 5 stars Shocked that this product actually worked., August 16, 2013
This review is from: Kleinert's Extra Strength Ultra Sweat Shield Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes Eliminates Underarm Perspiration Up to 7 Days - 10 Packets (Health and Beauty)
I suffer from hyperhidrosis and sweat profusely from my underarms, hands and feet. I've mostly struggled with my hands and feet since I can get at least SOME relief from antiperspirant deodorants for my underarms.

 So I applied it on a Thursday night thinking it may get me through the weekend IF it worked. Well, I didn't sweat under my arms for 3 days!!! Now I know it advertises up to 7 but trust me, for ME not sweating for 3 days was HUGE! I didn't use it again until another vacation and this time I didn't sweat for 5-6 days!! Not to mention there was also no odor. I did apply a little lotion each morning because I just wasn't used to the "no deodorant" feeling. I highly recommend this product to heavy sweaters.

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