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Best Underwear to Control Drug Side Effects
It is well known that many drugs and medications have side effects (regardless of whether they are legal and illegal drugs) and one of the most common side effects of the most frequently prescribed drugs for certain types of cancer, high blood pressure, antidepressants and several illegal drugs is fecal and/or urinary incontinence and a general lack of bladder control.
Which Drug Side Effects?
The treatment of both bladder cancer and prostate cancer can sometimes lead to urinary incontinence. Antidepressants are a particularly bad offender for causing bladder incontinence, as they impair the ability of the bladder to contract and can decrease your awareness of your need to go to the bathroom too. Finally, the use of illegal drugs such as inhalants, cocaine and ketamine have similar side effects, and because of the increase in the number of people being diagnosed with cancer, depression or turning to illegal drug use, the occurrence of bladder incontinence due to medical reasons is increasing year on year. Many former medication users (be these illegal or prescribed drugs) find that even when they stop taking the drugs that originally caused the incontinence to begin, unfortunately their bladder incontinence issues are lifelong problems that remain long afterwards. But bladder incontinence doesn’t have to change how you live your life. Because all of Kleinert’s Safe & Dry underwear is produced with this problem in mind, all of their products are made to be fluid resistant, odor resistant, and stain resistant. This means that regardless of what underwear style you prefer, you can rest assured that you will find the right product from within the range.
Which Underwear to Choose?
If you’re looking for a modern and fashionable style boxer brief then style #BU100 could well be the best style for you. It looks just like normal underwear; it has a fully functioning front fly, and is completely discrete: no one would ever know you are wearing incontinence underwear as you’ll find no tell-tale noise, heat or scent! This underwear is best for someone looking for medium control, and it is designed to hold up to 10 oz of fluid at any one time. For the young (or young at heart) male these boxer briefs are the perfect option.
For a woman looking for underwear perfect for helping to control bladder incontinence whilst still being pretty and stylish then style AIP80 would be the ideal choice. Just like the male boxer brief, this underwear is designed to be waterproof, stain proof and odor resistant. It dries quickly and can hold up to 8 oz of fluid at any one given time. Best of all though, this underwear comes in a lace and cotton style, meaning that it is stylish as well as practical.
How to Talk About Urinary Incontinence                                                        
Talking about urinary incontinence isn’t always easy, particularly if this is occurring as a side effect of another medical condition you are already undergoing treatment for. But talking about your problem is the first step towards receiving treatment, finding the products that will work best for you, and then getting on with the rest of your life. It’s important to remember that whilst many people find urinary incontinence an embarrassing subject to talk about, actually it is a problem experienced by more people than you might first think! Your first step should be making an appointment to see your doctor. To prepare for this appointment you should be able to answer the following three questions: when did your urinary incontinence begin? Do you think this is a result of any medication you are currently taking? How is your urinary incontinence currently affecting your day to day life? By thinking about what you want to say in advance, you will find the appointment much easier to cope with. The final thing to bear in mind is that urinary incontinence is a genuine medical condition. You wouldn’t judge someone who was suffering from any other genuine medical condition, such as arthritis or diabetes, so why do you think others will be so quick to judge you? 

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