Thursday, February 6, 2014


At the Powerhouse Museum, Australia we are researching a number of garments which have dress shields. One dress has “
Printed onto sweat shields in underarms: "The Best / Kleinerts / TM / guarantee / Aurora / Made in England / 43B 3 Cat.22"

Would it be possible to obtain any information regarding its composition and any other details such as advertisements relating to dress shields manufactured during this period. Any information would be most helpful. I assume that they were made from Rubber (?) but as well as probable additives and possible colorants.
We want to find out the best way to preserve these items and keep them in place on the museum dress.

I appreciate your time and advice regarding this issues and any information that you can provide to assist us with the Preservation of our Museum Dress collection. We are also hosting a Dress Registry for Vintage dresses held with our communities and this information would also contribute toward the project.

Many thanks
Sue Gatenby
Conservation Scientist

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