Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Excessive Sweating and Odor Solutions!

Excessive Sweating
Sweating is a natural bodily process our bodies use to keep us thermo-regulated and cool. Sometimes, though, sweat can be excessive in areas like the underarms, chest or the back.

Sweating problems ie. hyperhidrosisnight sweatsmenopausal "hot flashes," or other excessive sweating conditions can cause embarrassing stains on clothing and on bedding.

We all sweat, and that's normal. However, problems with excessive sweating affect millions of people a year. If you sweat a lot, even when you're sitting still, don't worry. You are not alone. Excessive wetness is a problem that can affect your self-confidence, not to mention ruin your clothing over time.

Fortunately, there's a solution. At Kleinert's, we've created the best line of products available anywhere. Since 1869, we've been manufacturing patented sweat protection items for men and women of all ages. Whether you're 13 or 100, you are guaranteed to find a product from our selection that will work for you. 
To combat excessive sweating problems, we invented dress shields, garment shieldssweatproof clothing, antiperspirants
 and protective bedding for men and women who want to eliminate excessive sweating and odor. We have a wide range of products, including disposable dress shields, washable dress shieldsgarment shieldsprotective undershirtsprotective tee-shirtsshoe inserts, and clinical antiperspirants good for stopping sweat and odor for 3-7 days per use. We also sell accessories like tape, and sweatproof underwear.

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