Thursday, December 17, 2015

Garment Shields

Garment Shields

Because clothing can be expensive, it is important that you take care of each garment. Since garments of any fabric can stain from sweating, it is important to prevent such occurences. Especially in the underarm areas, bacterial sweat marks can permanently damage even your most expensive shirts and jackets.

To protect your garments and increase their useful life, we recommend using garment shields from Kleinert's. Our garment shields are an inexpensive and natural way to provide outstanding 24 hour protection and they come in a variety of fashionable colors, styles, and sizes for a perfect fit.

For your convenience, we offer two types of protection. For light to moderate sweat and odor protection we offer our patented fluid-resistant,  stain-resistant and odor-resistant cotton Fabrapel.This provides an undetectable, noiseless waterproof barrier which feels great on.Or for moderate to heavy sweat protection we provide our waterproof nylon or urethane barrier underarm shields.These provide complete and discreet security
We carry neutral colors to fit discreetly with your existing wardrobe, like white, black and beige shields that will work with every outfit. Also, we carry sizes ideal for every body type, from x-small to 3x-large. As excellent alternatives to
 sweaty shirts in any weather, the body of these garment shields is constructed with fabrics that settle close to your frame without being clingy.

Our garment shields come with or without shoulder pads, so they can be worn with any outfit, regardless of the cut or style. They are lightweight and designed with your style and comfort in mind, so you know you're always getting a great product.

For your convenience, we can be reached a number of ways. Our direct sales and support line is 1-800-498-7051 toll-free and we accept faxes and emails anytime of the day or night.

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