Monday, March 28, 2016

Sweating and Body Odor

Underarm sweat is the most unpleasant sort of sweat that our bodies produce. The sweat glands in your armpits deliver a different sort of sweat than those in your back or mid-section. The glands in your armpits are called apocrine glands, and they are known to create thicker moisture that has a smooth or yellow coloring. This is the thing that causes stains on your clothing and extreme odor. 

The stench from this sweat can be humiliating and persistent if you suffer from excessive sweating also known as hyperhidrosis. We realize and understand that you would rather not sweat and prefer not to smell significantly more. That is the reason we've made many items over the years to shield your underarms and feet from troublesome scent created by sweating. 

Foot sweating can likewise bring about smells that are irritating and strong. Since feet are regularly housed in warm, damp spaces (your socks and shoes), they make a domain perfect for microscopic organisms (bacteria) and fungus growth. This causes odors and can assist in creating further issues connected with athlete's foot and different infections. 

To battle stench in the underarm and different areas of the body, we offer you many items for made underarms, feet, chest and back. Since 1869, we have been creating an entire line of dress shields, garment shields, shoe inserts, sweatproof undershirts and more that are extraordinary and patented. They incorporate stainproof and waterproof materials that draw dampness away from your armpits and feet to keep the transmission of odor at bay. 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


We produce undershirts for all types of hyperhidrosis including ones for just underarm sweating as well as ones for chest and back sweating associated with compensatory sweating problems.There is no other undershirt made as a solution for chest & back sweating.

All of our undershirts are made with the best and in some case patented fabrics.Our sweatproof undershirts is unrivalled in this way.

Our lightweight undershirts are great for summer months as they are extremely lightweight and comfortable while our micromodal undershirts offer a truly silky soft, luxury feel unlike any Hanes undershirts.

We make all fabrics for both men and women.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Kleinert's is proud to announce that we have expanded our product line of mens and ladies tee shirts. These fine quality, affordable products come in a variety of colors and sizes offering you great choice.You can order them with either Fabrapel underarm shields, with urethane/vinyl shields for guaranteed protection or with no shields at all.You can find these on the menu under the catagory WICK AWAY TEE SHIRTS. Enjoy your shopping!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


We pride ourselves on our dedication to making high quality sweat protection products. 0ur snap-on, adjustable dress shields are unlike anything else on the market and are the perfect protection products for business wear or active wear.

This best seller is a convenient way to get complete protection for the modern woman on the go. We carry several styles to accommodate our clients, including short or regular sleeve lengths.

You can choose from white, beige, or black colors.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Now you can finally stop the problems associated with foot sweat and odor. We know that many problems are caused by uncontrolled foot sweat and odor.Our great item Dry Feet is podiatrist recommended nationwide. Even some of the most renown authorities recommend Dry Feet to their patients so why not check it out and get relief for up to a week.It is also waterproof through showering.

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