Thursday, September 22, 2016


Kleinert's produces its Dry Body Wipes product to eliminate body odor.
Body odor (or B.O., bromhidrosis, osmidrosis or ozochrotia) is an unpleasant
smell our bodies can give off when bacteria that live on the skin break down sweat into acids - some say it is the smell of bacteria growing on the body, but it really is the result of bacteria breaking down protein into certain acids.
Kleinert's antiperspirant Dry Body is a non-prescription wipe that is highly recommended by many of the worlds dermatologists to eliminate and prevent moisture which is the breeding ground for bacteria.
Body odor usually becomes evident if measures are not taken when a human reaches puberty - 14-16 years of age in females and 15-17 years of age in males. People who are obese, those who regularly eat spicy foods, as well as individuals with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, are more susceptible to having body odor.
People who sweat too much - those with hyperhidrosis - may also be susceptible to body odor, however, often the salt level of their sweat is too high for the bacteria to break down - it depends where the excess sweating is occurring and which type of sweat glands are involved.

All of Kleinert's underarm pads and shields will prevent bacteria and odor development. Many of our items are also Sanitized for freshness.

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