Monday, June 26, 2017

Avoiding Sweaty Armpits & Gain Back Confidence

Having sweaty armpits is unpleasant. It is not only the staining of your clothing but also the excessive wetness can be very uncomfortable. Trying to hide embarrassing sweat marks constantly can be a stressful blow to your confidence. Here are ways to avoid getting sweaty armpits.


It’s important to know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant if you’re trying to avoid getting sweaty armpits. Deodorants will not stop sweating they merely mask the smell by killing bacteria that causes body odor. Antiperspirants contain aluminum which clogs your sweat ducts and tells your glands to stop producing sweat.


If over-the-counter options don’t stop your sweaty pits, there are also clinical-strength antiperspirants you can purchase such as Kleinerts Sweat Shield Ultra or Dry Body Antiperspirant Wipes. Follow the instructions carefully as these antiperspirants require you apply them at night before bedtime. You may need to use them for a few days before you see results. Antiperspirants block your sweat ducts, essentially drying out your sweat. This can be irritating if you have sensitive skin. Take your time, speak with your doctor and find the antiperspirant that is right for you.


Sweaty armpits are embarrassing. Avoid getting sweaty armpits with a sweatproof undershirt like Kleinert’s. The sewn-in sweat shields with Dry Zone technology traps sweat and then it evaporates, stopping your sweat at the source and eliminating those annoying sweat stains.


Sweaty armpits are also triggered by stress. Find methods you can use to reduce stress and manage the symptoms before you start sweating. Exercise is also one of the best ways to reduce stress and regulate your body, and maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce sweating. They say deep breathing can also help.


Certain food and beverages can make sweating worse. Spicy foods, caffeine and energy drinks can all trigger your sweat glands. Learn how your body reacts to certain foods and avoid them altogether if they ramp up the sweating in your body. Believe us you do not want to be in a presentation or public gathering and all this excessive sweating starts to occur. 

We would love to get feedback and any other ways how to avoid sweaty armpits.

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