Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Great Product For Hygiene & Staying Dry For Bed Ridden Patients

For Many People Who Are Bed Ridden Specially The Older Generation And For Those Who Have Had Colon Cancer One Issue Is A Constant And That Is A Loss Of Bladder Control. This Can Be Embarrassing When It Occurs And Frankly Annoying. By The Way Bladder Loss Control Is Not Something That Only Affects The Older Generation But Also Many Young People Have This Issue Also.

We At Kleinert’s Understand This And That Is Why We Developed And Sell Our Duralite Waterproof Incontinence Pant To Help With Bladder Loss Control. It’s Soft And Noiseless And Does Not Create Heat Unlike Other Plastic Or Vinyl Waterproof Incontinence Pants Which Is Very Important. Its Smooth Nylon Fabric Is Very Soft To The Touch.  If You Are Allergic To Plastic, Rubber Or Vinyl Pants Do Not Fret As Our Duralite Pant Is Not Made Of These Materials And You Will Feel Much More Comfortable.

Better Skin Care Occurs Because Of Less Irritation And No Breakdown Of Skin Integrity Which Can Cause Decubitus Ulcers & Pain Which Is Very Common To Bed Ridden Patients Especially Those In Nursing Homes.

Designed For All-Day & Over-Night Comfort. THE WATERPROOF INCONTINENCE PANT Is Meant To Be Worn Over Any Adult Diaper, Adult Disposable Briefs Or Adult Protective Underwear And Not Alone.

Made For Men And Women, These Pants Are A Wonderful Alternative To Old Fashioned Plastic Pants And Work Great When Used As A Diaper Cover, Whether Disposable Or Reusable. Duralite Nylon Fabric Is A Soft, Light-Weight, Waterproof And Stain-Proof Material That Lasts Hundreds Of Washings Unlike Plastic Or Vinyl Pants Which Can Crack. The Duralite Pant Is Very Quiet Also. 

It Is Important To Measure The Circumference Around Your Thighs Because It Is Critical That The Elastic Be Snug In This Area So That No Urine Can Leak Down. Please Do This Before Purchasing. As Long As This Is Adhered To You Will Not Suffer Leakage. You Can Sleep With The Duralite Pant On All Night And Stay Dry As It Will Hold Fluid In Place. 

Duralite Pants Provide Excellent Resistance To Mildew, Mold, Fungus & Bacteria. The Duralite Waterproof Incontinence Pant Is Environmentally Friendly Due To Chemical Free Process Of The Fabric Used.  The Quality Of This Product Will Amaze You, As It Will Outlast Any Latex, Rubber Or Plastic Pants.

We Have Many 5 Start Reviews From Our Customers Who Love This Product. It Has Really Helped Them In Their Unique Situations With Bladder Loss.  In Fact Some Customers Have Reported The Following To Us If Any Urine Odor Is Present After Use. 

They Discovered That By Adding 1/4 - 1/2 Cup Of White Vinegar Along With Detergent, They Were Able To Remove The Urine Odor. Sometimes With A Second Rinse, And They Are Free Of The Vinegar Smell As Well. 

We Thank Our Customers For These Tips And Several Washings Later The Pants Still Work Great. Please See Diagram Below For More Info.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Why Do We Sweat More In The Summer?

People typically sweat more in summer than winter because the temperature is hotter (combination of the heat and humidity) and the body overheats more easily. The humidity is the amount of water vapor that's currently in the air. Water vapor is what makes us feel hot and sweaty. High humidity and high heat combined together is why we sweat.

Our bodies sensing when we get hot trigger sweat glands that release a watery substance that’s the foundation of sweat. When sweat is released onto the skin and is exposed to the air, it will evaporate and ultimately help to cool down the body and lower our body temperatures.

It is harder to cool off in humid climates because the sweat can't evaporate very fast but in dry climates such as arizona you actually feel cooler when you sweat because it evaporates off of you causing your skin to cool off. 

Sweating is a natural occurrence in our body and if we did not sweat our bodies would be in trouble because they would overheat internally and that could possibly lead to death if not cared for quickly. If you do not sweat in hot conditions you need to find the reason why because that is abnormal. So in essence we all sweat but many sweat more than others due to genetics, circumstances, climate and more.

Since we don’t like to see sweat stains or smell the foul odor we at Kleinert’s develop a variety of products to guard and control sweat. Some examples of our products are Sweat Shield Clinical Antiperspirant Wipes, Disposable Underarm Pads, Washable Dress Shields and Washable Garment Shields, Sweatproof Undershirts, Dry Feet Products, Bedding Protection and more.

Visit our website today www.kleinerts.com to learn more and purchase products. We have been serving the public with our products since 1869 and when invented the dress shield category and created the first baby pant and many more products throughout the years.

You can trust the Kleinert’s brand and quality.